online business agent

Why you need it

Increase turnover, profit, commission and market share and add value to your existing business.

  • Build growth when the residential market is soft
  • Professionally written business reports on every business you list for sale
  • Additional revenue stream at minor cost
  • Corporate development opportunity
  • Total turnkey solution available.

Who better to become an Online Business Agent License than someone like you? After all, you have the sales people, the required real estate license, and with our system, tremendous advantages over other business brokers.

Not only will you have a potential buyer database (goodwill already established), but inside knowledge of the capital growth and current value of their properties, plus identified assets that can be used as security to buy businesses on no-cash deposit. And, if you sell a successful business, the Buyer can offset increasing profits by purchasing additional real estate properties.

Unlike the real estate industry, business broking is not greatly affected by a downturn in the economy. When the economy slows or falls into recession, many thousands of people find themselves laid off and the job market is far too tight to absorb them all.

Many of these people received a severance package that, combined with their real estate equity, savings and some financing, will enable them to buy a business. These people need to provide for their families. They are motivated. They must buy in order to maintain their lifestyle.

Our training program helps you to identify businesses that provide a large cash surplus after paying the owner a high wage and meeting full price loan repayments.

Establishing a financially rewarding and highly efficient business broking division from scratch, has never been easier. Using the Online Business Agent sales system its possible to sell businesses in record time (approx. 45 days from completion of the report), at an acceptable price.

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