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How Being Different Makes Us The Best

You're already half way there

Real estate agents are in an ideal position to take advantage of this opportunity because they already understand the importance of matching buyers with sellers for house sales. Online Business Agent sales system will enable you to expand your skills to trade in a more lucrative area of the market - selling viable businesses - and remember, commissions on the sale of businesses in most cases are double the normal real estate commissions.

Fast, easy and effective

We have made it easy for you to incorporate a business broking division to operate in tandem with your real estate practice. One which has the potential to substantially accelerate your turnover, profits and earnings from extra commission.

It's that easy. If you're still not sure if business broking is for you, take a look at our FAQ page. Or use the Contact Us page to ask any other questions you might have.

Online Business Agent sales system - The dynamic business broking sales system that resets the benchmark for market domination.

So what makes Online Business Agent so different?

Well firstly it's not a franchise. You only pay us a low monthly rental fee for the use of the system.

You keep 100% of your selling commission, making it possible to recoup your initial setup costs and 12 months rental fees from the first commission earned on your first business sale.

Extensive training is provided on the use of the system and how to be a productive and profitable business broker.

Automated business broking computer software based on the latest technology provides you with ready-to-use documentation covering virtually every aspect of the business sales transaction.

The software also allows you to quickly cross-match potential buyers with sellers with the mobility and power of the internet.

No restrictive sales territories.

There are no restrictions or exclusivity areas you can list and sell businesses anywhere. You are purely renting the system with the knowledge that wherever there is an internet connection you can transact business sales.

Access to business report writing services. Full-colour business sales reports written by our expert marketing communications writers. You'll have the competitive edge, because no other business brokers write comprehensive reports the way we do.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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