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Businesses offer an attractive investment opportunity to a growing number of Australians

Selling businesses offers additional revenue and higher commissions because businesses are an attractive 'high return' proposition for a growing number of Australians.

In this relatively untapped market, it's no secret that many people from the 'baby boomer' era - those born between 1946 and 1960 - will be forced to invest in a business as a source of revenue to maintain their lifestyle after retirement. Others, who have operated successful businesses, will want to sell and enjoy their freedom.

Clear evidence shows business broking is in a high-growth phase as the number of equity-rich 'baby boomers' reaches record levels.

Businesses have a proven earnings capability that in most cases will support full price loan repayments and the owner's wages, whilst still providing surplus profits to the owner. Selling positively geared investments will never be easier, particularly if you're using the Online Business Agent sales system.

This is your opportunity to get in on the g1round floor and take full advantage of a growing "equity rich" society that is "cashed-up" and ready to invest.

Take full advantage of this cashed-up and equity rich high-growth segment of society. Seize the opportunity now before your competitors do and turn contacts into commission.

Clear evidence shows business broking is in a high-growth phase.

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