online business agent

The Training Program

The Online Business Agent system offers an interactive business sales training program which combines the real value of "on the job" activities with the convenience of learning skills online.

The program comprises:

PREVIEW SESSIONS Trainee will login at their own discretion to complete and/or review a preview session.
This will reduce trade-offs between current work demands and the learning of new skills
ONLINE WORKSHOPS Trainee undertakes a training workshop at their own discretion.
BROKER ACTIVITIES "Real" on the job broker activities carried out by the trainee in their own workplace environment.
Trainees will apply their new skills immediately, overcoming the limitations of traditional "classroom" settings.

This program, in conjunction with the OnlineAGENT application software, has been designed to meet the requirements of the business sales industry providing key information, industry processess and winning strategies gained from over 25 years of "real life" business broking experience.

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