online business agent

The Software Package

Data Protection Through Enhanced Security Features

Each broker is given a unique Username and password that is required for login to the system

Automated Computer Software

An interactive computer program that covers the entire acquisition process from start to finish, saving you thousands of dollars in administration costs

Easily matches buyers with businesses

The powerful business buyer tracking feature allows you to quickly view what businesses he or she has enquired about in the past.

Easy connectivity

Whether you have one sales representative or 100 you can share the same information in real-time on the Internet by simply entering your own unique personal user password..

Changes made online are automatically updated on the server.

Selling businesses should not be complicated so the Online Business Agent computer software is designed to simplify and safeguard the process as much as possible.

Business details are entered into the system; the program calculates the purchase price and automatically produces all letters and contracts. Every document has been field tested, in Australia, in hundreds of negotiations.

Similarly, when you enter the buyer’s details you can generate confidentiality agreements, reminder letters, mail merges etc.

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