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The Step-By-Step Computer Process - Setting Innovation In Motion

STEP 1. Market appraisal - Business details are entered and, at the click of a mouse, a price range formula is generated, plus a letter to the Seller.

STEP 2. Listing the business - Analyses the business details and converts all entered data into listing forms, check lists, letters, GST tax invoices and report templates.

STEP 3. Marketing the business - Generates newspaper advertisement templates based on the information entered on any listed business. This module also simplifies the tracking of advertising costs. Confidentiality agreements are generated for buyers, who can also be continually cross matched with sellers on a wide range of variables.

STEP 4. Buyer profile - Keeps details of what type of business the buyer is looking for based on industry, price, location and profit criteria. Enables powerful search queries to match businesses listed for sale.

STEP 5. Buyer history - Keeps track of businesses that a buyer has reviewed on the System. All interested buyers can be easily matched to businesses.

STEP 6. Offer and acceptance - Simply enter all the details (ensuring every item is completely accurate) and the program generates a contract of sale, special condition clearance forms, letters, settlement and condition extension forms etc from a single entry.

STEP 7. Special conditions - Twenty years of business sales experience have gone into producing special conditions to suit both Buyers and Sellers.

STEP 8. Commissions - Associated letters and information required to ensure that commission amounts and conjunctional arrangements are recorded.

Easy To Use - Easy To Learn

You'll have the competitive edge over other brokers, because our intuitive web-friendly computer screen also allows you to navigate and update Seller and Buyer details with ease. Instantly access every business Buyer or Seller's information, share documents, run interactive sales reports and more - all from the web!

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